Etta Lilienthal is a creative director, installation artist, scenographer and painter. She has been making art professionally since 1999. Her work in environmental installation, light, sculpture and performance design has been seen around the world with Olson Kundig Architects, Degenerate Art Ensemble, Kronos Quartet, Diavolo, Maureen Whiting Co., Mark Haim and Emio Greco|PC. Her installation work has graced galleries and museums such as Suyama Space, the Frye Art Museum, the Hedreen Gallery, By Others @ Board & Vellum, and many other public and private institutions. Etta’s work in public art can be seen at the Westlake Fountain in Seattle, WA.

Etta has exhibited her watercolor paintings in Skagastrond, Iceland and at Mind Body Sanctuary, September, and Kula Movement in Seattle, WA.


Photos by Etta Lilienthal, Iole Alessandrini, LILIENTHAL|ZAMORA, Joe Iano, Bruce TomMalcolm Smith and Eric Tra

Selected projects by LILIENTHAL|ZAMORA


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